The Symbolism of Various Poses of the Radha Krishna Statue

The Symbolism of Various Poses of the Radha Krishna Statue

Radha Krishna is considered the epitome and symbol of love and selflessness. They teach us a lot of good preaching, which will make our lives a better one. Radha Krishna marble murti brings good luck, positivity, and happiness in life. Hence, everyone keeps the idol in the home to make sure the atmosphere in the house is very pleasant. There are quite a lot of spiritual benefits of keeping Radha Krishna Idol at home. But, you should make sure to keep the idol in the right direction and also worship it as per the Vastu Shasta rules to get the best results out of your worship. We worship Radha Krishna Marble Statue with a lot of faith and love and have the trust that they will bring happiness and positivity in life.

Various Poses of Radha Krishna Statue

In this blog, we will understand the symbolism of Various Poses of Radha Krishna Statue. They are as follows-

1) Tribhanga pose-

One of the most popular poses of the Radha Krishna pose is Tribhanga. Tribhanga, as the name itself suggests, is a three-facet pose. The statue will have three main parts that derive the posture and significance of the tribhanga. Tribhanga is a combination of two words itself which are tri and bhanga. Tri means three, and change means broken. This states that the

Radha Krishna statue is a three-part statue. The artists generally use the Tribhanga pose to depict their art of sculpture in a more aesthetic yet amazing way to attract the eyes and heart of the observer.

2) Standing pose holding flute-

One of the most loved poses of the marble Radha Krishna statue is the one holding the flute. Flute is considered to be the best friend and companion of Lord Krishna during all times. Lord Krishna used to play flute in a very musical yet enchanting way to influence and inspire all the human beings around him. The pose holding the flute along with Radha Signifies the companionship and pure love shared between them. Installing this pose in your home is considered to be very lucky, and the whole atmosphere in your home will be filled with positive vibes and healthy lives.

3) Holding lotus flower-

One of the most beautiful poses of the Radha Krishna Marble Statue is holding a lotus flower. The significance behind the holding of the Lotus flower is very deep and should be kept in focus to get a clear understanding and idea of the same. Holding a lotus flower Signifies spiritual connections and calmness also. The Lotus flower has amazing color and look, which attracts everyone towards it, and is also considered to be very sacred. It is also used during the Sacred Pooja and Functions of the Indian household. The pose also talks a lot about the enlightenment and purity of the relationship that held together the love of Radha and Krishna. If you install a Radha Krishna marble murti holding the Lotus flower, you will experience enlightenment and calmness in the behavior of all the family members of the home.

4) Nature poses-

Various poses of Radha Krishna depict the beauty of nature. The nature pose depicts the beauty and importance that nature holds in everyone's life. Lord Krishna used to always be in nature and adored all the plants, trees, and flowers to his fullest. The Radha Krishna statue has a lot of natural elements in the background to symbolize the calmness and peace that nature has held in our lives for so many ages. The statue also states the importance of preserving and nurturing our nature to the fullest because everything is a gift of nature, and we should always cherish and protect that.


Above mentioned are some of the poses of Marble statues of Radha Krishna. You can get connected with marble statue manufacturer to learn more about the poses, their structure, and the design that is best suited to your requirements. The manufacturers will provide you with the idols of your taste and preferences so that you can keep them in your home for positivity and happiness in your life. The love of  Radha Krishna and iskcon radha Krishna statue is the epitome of purity and sacrifice which states the importance of being able to love someone with full heart without any kind of expectations from the other side.

We hope this article sheds some light on the Marble Statue of Radha Krishna. You can buy some of the best quality statues that are made using the finest quality white marble and sculpted to perfection by amazing artists. Artists put their passion and hard work fully into the work of Sculpting the statues to make sure that the various poses of  Radha Krishna are achieved with full perfection, capturing all the minute details.