Iskcon Radha Krishna Statue: A Perfect Blend of Artistry and Spirituality.

Iskcon Radha Krishna Statue: A Perfect Blend of Artistry and Spirituality.

Radha Krishna is the symbol of love and spirituality, and they have been making homes in the minds of Indians for ages. Iskon radha krishna marble murti is the dream and fascination of everyone as they want to install it in their homes to bring positive vibes and energy. Jaipur is the hub for making marble statues of different gods and goddesses in a well-defined manner. They make the statues per their customers' instructions, and some are also made already in advance and then sold. 

Artistry and Spirituality Iskcon Radha Krishna Moorti

Radha Krishna marble statues are also exported outside of India as there is a lot of demand for them. This demand is raised due to the realistic art that the artists here are known for making. They put in all of their hard work and creativity to make idols; hence, the result is also stunning owing to the efforts. This blog will discuss some essential things you should know before buying marble god idols for home temple. 

- White marble 

Iskon Radha Krishna marble statue is made using high-quality white marble. The white marble that has been used is of perfect texture that is required to do intricate carvings. The white marble is also able to withstand any temperature changes. The white marble also looks attractive and elegant and has a fantastic finish. 

- Intricate details

The craftsman of Jaipur is known for creating masterpieces, and they do very intricate detailing of the Radha Krishna marble statue. The detailing of the eyes, mouth, and nose requires a lot of time because the eyes are the ones that bring life into the painting. A lot of patience, hard work, creativity, and practice go behind the making of statues. The final result is what we can see, but behind the scenes also needs to be acknowledged. 

- Customization 

Marble statue manufacturers in Jaipur provide customization options also. One size cannot suit everyone, and the designs that are made also cannot be admired by everyone. Some people want their plans to be one of a kind. In such cases, the murti is made according to the customers' size specifications, color, and structure instructions. The customer should tell everything about their expectations to the shopkeeper, and then they will work accordingly to fulfill them. 

-Online orders 

The marble statue manufacturers in Jaipur have created their website and what's app business IDs to sell the statues of the god online. The online portal mentions everything right from the cost, size specifications, the figure's color, and the delivery charges that will be incurred to order the murti—online payments, like Google Pay, direct bank transfers, etc., back online orders. 

- Delivery Process 

If you are a tourist visiting Jaipur for the trip and while roaming around you have come across the marble statues of Radha Krishna, you can buy from them directly. But if the size of your sculpture is vast and cannot be carried with you while traveling, they can also send your parcel through a safe courier afterward directly to your doorsteps. The delivery charges are also low, and the process is very secure. No damage will be done to the statue as the courier service is very professional. 

Above mentioned are some points you should consider before buying on radha krishna marble murti. If you are visiting Jaipur for the first time, research the marble art of this place and then only plan your purchase for the best results.