International Shipping Policy

International Shipping Policy

For the last 40+ Glorious Years, Bhuvneshwari Moorti Art masterpieces have adorned the homes of our clients over the world. When it comes to delivering our shipments to your doorstep, we take no chances and work with only the best in the business.

Approval and Packaging

  • Once we receive your online order confirmation, a member of our Customer Care team will reach out to you on the mobile number provided to reconfirm your purchase and go over the details of your order, thereby ensuring you’re getting exactly what you want.
  • Once your order is ready, we will share you the photographs of your order for your approval. Upon your approval, your order will be processed to the packaging department.
  • We take special care of the packaging and transportation. So that these reach customer end without any damage. We pack them in blister packaging and corrugated or wooden boxes, knowing their fragile nature. After that we will palletized to make sure that your order reaches to you in its best condition.
  • The packaging department will take around 5-7 working days to pack the goods depending upon the size of the order.
  • As soon as we have the all the documentation ready, we will hand over your packed shipment to our logistics provider (mostly FedEx) and get in touch with you via email or text message to provide you with the shipment tracking number.
  • If there are no delays, it should usually take 4-5 business days to receive your shipment.
  • All customs duties and local taxes at the destination country, if applicable, will be directly billed to you before or after delivery by the logistics company and will not be part of our shipping cost. Please check with your local customs office for more information regarding these charges or you may also discuss this with us. Bhuvneshwari moorti is not responsible for any delays or destination charges levied because of a countries customs’ import laws and regulations.


Bhuvneshwari Moorti Art offers expedited and insured door-to-door delivery by Air or Sea for all its consignments around the world. We only use reputed companies such as FedEx or DHL’s International Air Freight Priority Service that offer hassle-free delivery of our beautifully handcrafted products to your doorstep within 4-5 working days.

We are quite flexible when it comes to shipping options and can also work with a logistics provider of your choice.

Insurance and Fumigation

Once your order is ready for dispatch, it will be fully insured and passed through the fumigation as per international law. After both the procedure is completed, your order will be handed over to the shipping company.

There are two modes of transportation available

  1.     Airway Shipment
  2.     Sea Way Shipment

See comparison for the same (refer table)

Dispatch of cargo by Air Way Shipment

Bhuvneshwari Moorti prefers to use one of the leading courier companies namely,FedEx International Priority services, DHL Express or UPS depending upon the country specific service availability. We can also use any service of the client’s choosing.

The air way shipment is recommended for smaller consignments as your order will be delivered to your door steps and you do not require follow any formal import proceedings. The approx delivery time for air way shipments are around 4-5 Business days depending upon the country to country.

Dispatch of cargo by Sea Way Shipment

The sea ways shipment is, generally, recommended for large shipments. As it is very cost effective for the heavy shipment as compared to air way shipments. It takes around 30 – 45 days for delivery depending upon the country.

In sea way shipment, once your order is handed over to the Logistic company, the shipping company will do the custom clearance and process the dispatch. It takes around 2 – 4 working days depending upon the custom authority to complete the custom clearance.

Once the cargo is examined and cleared by the custom officer, it will be sealed in the container and the container will be trucked/railed from Kanakpura port, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India to the nearest port for sailing. Nhava Sheva Port at Mumbai is the foremost port in the western India for the export shipments.

Once at the port, it will be loaded on the next vessel depending upon the space availability on the vessel. There are weekly and fortnightly vessels for the major ports depending upon the destination.

Some Points Should be Observed for Sea Shipments

1. ISF Filing ONLY for US bound Shipments mandatory for Sea Way shipment

If you are opting for Sea Way, ISF filling is mandatory by the US Customs for all US bound shipments. We will be providing you the required details for ISF filing.

You can either do the ISF filling on your own or hire a local import agent to the needful.

Effective January 26th 2010, US customs will implement a $ 5000 fine for late or non filing of ISF. ISF needs to be filed at least 24 hours prior to ETD in prescribed format. The process of filing ISF is simple and can be done by you or can be handed over to the registered and licensed compmay to file ISF on your behalf. Please contact them to set this up at the earliest. Failure to file could result in stiff fines and penalties and we will not be liable for any fines or penalties due to non compliance of this rule.

The more details about ISF can be found on the link given below,

Release of Bill of Lading

Once the vessel sails, we will provide you with original copies of Bill of Lading. You will be notified by the local shipping agent prior to arrival of your cargo.

Arrival of Cargo

Upon arrival of your cargo at the destination port, the shipping company will notify the consignee to present the following documents

  •     Bill of Lading – 3 Original Copies
  •     Invoice Copy – 2 Original Copies
  •     Fumigation Certificate. – 1 Original Copy
  •     Insurance Policy – 1 Original Copy
  •     Import Custom Clearance

On arrival of your cargo, you will require to opt for import custom clearance. It would be easier to clear customs personally. You need to go to Local customs office with all the documents that you have received from us along with the arrival notice and valid Identification. In the customs office, you will have to fill out some forms which will be verified by a custom officer along with the rest of the papers and your Identification. Once satisfied with the paperwork, the officer will stamp one of the documents.

You may also hire a local import agent to save your invaluable time and avoid going through legal procedure.