The Dos and Don'ts while placing Buddha Statue as Home Decor

The Dos and Don'ts while placing Buddha Statue as Home Decor

There is a general lack of reverence for Buddha that we frequently observe. There are billions of Buddhists in the globe, but many people don't seem to care about their sentiments. Bhuvneshwari Moorti Art is the leading name for marble god idols for home temple. 

Why is the statue of Buddha so important?

Buddha never asked his followers to make statues or worship him in images when he was still alive. He taught us instead to not get attached to anybody or anything, not even to himself. Following Buddha's teachings is the finest form of worship, according to the Buddha himself. And that his teachings would continue to live on after his death, following his "Nippana" or Nirvana. This big Buddha statue for garden is packaged in two layers of bubble wrap and a wooden container to ensure its safety during transport and storage.

One hundred years later, some of his followers wondered how Buddha looked. They put their faith in an angel who was friends with Buddha. Then the angel appeared in Buddha's image, creating the first Buddha statues. Since then, the marble buddha statue has become an essential element for most Buddhists worldwide who are reminded of his compassion, kindness and teachings and feel the highest regard for him. Take a deep breath and centre yourself with the help of our Black Marble Buddha statue.

Some show respect, while others behave with ignorance.

This synopsis may shed light on the proper way to handle Buddha statues and other such objects.

Dos about Buddha


Pay respect to the body and mind

One need not be a Buddhist to show proper respect to the Buddha. The Buddha should be respected with the same respect as an elder, as he is revered as the spiritual patriarch of Buddhism. Body language respect can be shown by "Wai" (Worship) Your attitude can demonstrate respect for the mind. At the very least, avoid making fun of Buddha if you don't want to show any respect.

2. Correctness

Please assist by elevating any marble Buddha statue for home pictures, amulets, or statues you find from the floor, the toilet, or a chair and placing them where they belong.

3. Knowledge

If you are a Buddhist, inform those who wish to know about Buddha. If you are not a Buddhist, give the person who might ask, "Who is Buddha ?" The simple answer is that "Buddha is the Enlightened One who taught the Buddhists to do good deeds the same way other prophets do."

Don'ts about Buddha

1. Do not mistreat Buddha

If you cannot pay respect to Buddha, at least do not mistreat the image of Buddha. Nobody should look down on or mistreat someone's father. Buddhists respect Buddha as the religious father. All religious leaders are held in the highest esteem. Buddha should be included in this as well.

2. Avoid putting Buddha statues in unsuitable areas

Handkerchiefs, napkins, towels, rags, and cleaning supplies should not be kept near Buddha statutes. Please don't use it for anything below the waist. As mentioned, faithful Buddhists who see a Buddha image placed with objects will feel very unhappy and may become subject to conflict arising from such situations.

3. Do not display Buddha statues or pictures like furniture.

For example:-

  • A Buddha statue should not be placed in the center of a table.
  • Avoid putting Buddha statues in bathrooms.
  • Bars and restaurants are not appropriate places for Buddha sculptures.


4. Do not treat Buddha as merchandise

Some Buddhist nations have merchants who sell Buddha sculptures and images with little regard for their religious significance. That is a reflection of human nature. There are both good and terrible people in every community. Bad individuals just care about themselves, but good Buddhists will feel embarrassed. In some countries, you may see shops selling Buddha statue for home décor in various sizes. If the purchasers are Buddhists and want to put the statues or pictures they purchase in the temple or elsewhere where they will be honored, then this may be allowed.