Benefits of Having a Ram Darbar Marble Statue at Home

Benefits of Having a Ram Darbar Marble Statue at Home

In a Hindu household, statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are worshipped with complete dedication. A very popular and sacred statue is that of the Ram Darbar. The marble god statue of "Purushottam" of Lord Rama, his wife Maa Sita, his brother Laxman, and Rama's most loyal disciple, Hanuman, symbolizes familial bonds, dedication towards the divine force, and loyalty. Ram Darbar depicts a family where everyone loves and cares for each other. Having a Ram Darbar statue in your home will help you to remember the family values and live in harmony.

Lord Rama symbolizes peace, rationality, courage, and good governance. Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength, vigor, knowledge, and happiness. Having the Ram Darbar statue in your house will ensure you have the blessings of Lord Rama and Hanuman with the love and embrace of Maa Sita and the protection of Laxman.

Benefits of Ram Darbar Marble Moorti in Your House

As we already mentioned, how pious a Ram Darbar statue is to keep in your house. Worshipping the Ram Darbar idol with dedication can change your family's life.

Let’s see what are the benefits of Ram Darbar marble Moorti -

1. Good Healtḩ

A Ram Darbar Marble Statue can keep your family healthy and protect everyone from illness. If a member of your family suffers from a chronic disease or a younger one is constantly sick, establishing Ram Darbar idol and doing regular Puja can work wonders. We all know how Lord Hanuman saved Laxman on the battlefield by bringing the Sanjeevani. Having the Hanuman Ji Statue in Ram Darbar will similarly protect your family against all kinds of diseases.

2. Peace of Mind

Lord Ram knew how to stay calm in adverse situations and always made the right decision. An Indian God statue of Ram Darbar in your house will calm your mind and help you find peace in the everyday hustle. You will see how your family becomes peaceful and unites together despite many differences.

3. Stupendous Success

A Ram Sita statue is a symbol of success. Lord Rama, Hanuman, and Laxman succeeded in rescuing Sita Maa from the trap of Ravan. If you place a Ram Darbar marble statue in your house and worship it regularly with utmost dedication, no one can stop you and your loved ones from succeeding in every sphere of life.

4. Fame and Fortune

Ram Darbar's idol also brings wealth to your family. As you know, Maa Laxmi always had her blessings in "Ram Rajya." Having a Ram Darbar statue in your home will ensure that Laxmi stays in your house and that your children and spouse progress in life and earn lots of goodwill.

5. Disease Protection

It is believed that Ram Darbar’s idol can help protect against disease. Ram Darbar at home not only helps bring good luck to the family but also protects the family from any evil or negativity. Rama is the sole protector of all things in the universe. With Ram Darbar at home, you can always expect your kids to remain healthy and fit. 

6. Knowledge of the Universe

You must know Hanuman Ji was a learned philosopher. He was well-versed in Vedas and considered "Surya" (the Sun) his teacher. Ram Darbar Marble statue in your house will become your guide similarly, and the divine blessings of Lord Rama and Hanuman Ji will help you prosper in the academic world while making you aware of the spiritual knowledge that we often tend to ignore.


In conclusion, we highly recommend establishing a Ram Darbar Marble Statue in your house. The auspicious symbol of unity and triumph in the form of a statue in your house will help you connect to the divinity of Lord Rama and his near and dear ones through prayers and offerings. North-East direction is the best place to establish your Ram Darbar statue. Worship the idol with your entire family daily and pray to protect your family from illness, get a successful life for your children, and earn a fortune for your family. Your "Bhakti" towards Lord Rama and his loved ones will always be answered.